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Letter from the Publisher

Dear Friends,

Happy Earth Day! Our focus this month is on the ways that we all can work to protect this glorious planet we call Earth. For so many in my generation, the connection to the environment started in childhood, when the only options for spring and summertime play was out in the backyard, or in nearby woods and creeks, where we had the opportunity to explore the magical world of nature around us. We would be whisked out the door soon after breakfast and wouldn’t return until the dinner bell would sound—calling us into a hearty family meal together around the table (other than a quick afternoon sandwich for lunch). Our imagination was left to soar as we would create adventures in the woods or lazily watch the clouds drift by, lying in a nearby field.

Smokey Bear told us to prevent forest fires, Woodsy the Owl implored us to “give a hoot—don’t pollute” and everyone knew that it was really uncool to be a “litterbug”. Each of us had an important role to play.

As adults, we are still called to play a part in building a cleaner, greener world. There is growing concern that we are losing a battle against climate change and the severe weather of the past few years appears to bolster that claim—making our individual actions even more important. Our feature for April looks at some of the practical but necessary steps that each of us can take to do our part against climate change. To do so starts with some self-analysis—looking at where we get our food, how we heat, light and clean our homes and do we travel. Each of us starts at a different place on a continuum of earth-care but each of us can do just a bit more to lessen our carbon footprint.

There are some upcoming events that will help us to expand our understanding of what we can (and should) do. Plan now to attend the Montgomery County GreenFest, April 30 in Takoma Park, and then May 6 through 8, come down to the Green Festival at the D.C. Convention Center, where thousands join together for talks, demos, hundreds of green products and services and lots of great new foods to try. For a discounted ticket to the Green Festival, visit and then be sure to stop in at our table and say hello!

In addition to the focus on sustainability, we are taking the opportunity this month to show love for our pet friends. We highlight some of the great local businesses that provide pet-related products and veterinary care. Pets are like family members and add so much to our lives. My own dear greyhound, Ziggy is my constant companion as I work on the magazine each month—providing me with sanity breaks (and opportunities to enjoy a midday walk) through each workday. We recognize that it is just as important to provide natural and holistic care and products for them as we use for ourselves. With the resource this month, we hope you will find some of the great opportunities in our local area for your furry and four-footed friends.


June 2020




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