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Healing the Body, Mind, Spirit of our Pets

Mar 30, 2016 10:33PM

A Spotlight on Holistic Veterinary Healing

by Robin Fillmore
In addition to offering decades of dedicated care to dogs, cats, and other furry and feathered friends, the veterinarians and staff at Holistic Veterinary Healing in Germantown, Maryland, provide profound healing of the body, mind, spirit and emotions, knowing that the best way to achieve optimal health for pets is through proper balance. In addition to providing regular care for all the family members on four legs, they also treat animals in distress—including those who still suffer after seeing other vets.

The basis of holistic healing, in both humans and pets, is to identify and treat the root cause of the condition or symptoms. This is the standard of care offered by Dr. Pema Choepel Mallu and her colleague, Dr. Kitty Raichura. Rather than just relieving the symptoms that a distressed pet is exhibiting, it is important for the vets at Holistic Veterinary Healing to do a careful examination of the whole pet, including a thorough health history as well as to learn about the family environment and the pet’s diet. Like putting together the pieces of a puzzle, the doctors are able to devise a thorough plan for projected long-term healing.

Once diagnosed, the doctors have a wide range of tools in their veterinary toolbox, beyond the issuing of standard medications, to treat their patients. For example, pets at Holistic Veterinary Healing may be offered acupuncture or Tui-na massage as one form of treatment, or even a chiropractic adjustment. They are equipped to provide homeopathy, food therapy and gold bead implants, if required. According to Mallu, their goal is “to heal the whole body with compassion, without doing harm.”

Although the clinic in Germantown has been open since December 2013, Mallu has been practicing veterinary medicine since graduating from the Ohio State University in 1977. She has continued to enhance her training and was certified through the International Veterinary Acupuncture Society in 1988, to practice Traditional Chinese Medicine, Acupuncture and Chinese Herbology. Then in December 2010, she completed a three year master’s degree in human acupuncture from the Maryland University of Integrative Health (formerly Tai Sophia) and is also a licensed human acupuncturist.

Her compassion for all living things is deep-seated through her faith. In addition to her medical credentials, she is an ordained Tibetan Buddhist nun and as such, lives life with the notion that all creatures are created equal. She also serves as the volunteer veterinarian for a Buddhist no-kill dog rescue sanctuary ( and volunteers for a parrot sanctuary (

Raichura has practiced veterinary medicine since 1996 and is a member of the American Veterinary Association (AVMA), American Holistic Veterinary Association (AHVMA) and The Chi Institute, where she began studying Traditional Chinese Medicine, in 2004. She practices acupuncture, Chinese herbal medicine, food therapy and Tui-Na massage therapy. She is unique among vets in that she treats patients with tumors without chemo and radiation therapies and has had great success treating cancer effectively with holistic approaches. Alternatively she works with patients undergoing chemo or radiation, supporting them while they undergo the therapies, by bringing a holistic balance to them. But when it is time to go, Raichura will provide in-home euthanasia’s as well, serving her patients and the families that love them with deep respect, love and understanding.

The staff at Holistic Veterinary Healing is committed to ongoing education for pet owners by offering a Sunday Seminar each month. On May 15, Pam Wanveer will do a presentation on T-Touch and on June 19, Inez Donmeyer will present a talk on pet massage. You can also meet the staff at some upcoming community events, including the Natural Living Expo in College Park on April 3 and the Green Festival, May 6 through 8, at the Washington Convention Center.

From the moment a patient walks in the door at Holistic Veterinary Healing, they know that the homey, friendly environment is a place where pets and their owners are put at ease, which makes the healing process a positive, nurturing experience.

Location: 12627 Wisteria Dr., Ste. C & D, Germantown. For more information, including information about their events, call 240-715-6570 or visit


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