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A Lesson on Self-Care

May 01, 2016 11:58AM
by Sara McCoy
Self-care can be defined as actions toward one's own being which promote physical health and wellness. Many people claim that they "don't have time" or "are too tired" for the integration of this self-service. What is important to know is that it is vital to stop envisioning self-care as another thing to cram in, but rather a non-negotiable supplement to one’s daily life. Even for those who are health advocates for themselves and others, who rarely get sick, it is important to have an arsenal of remedies to advance a vibrant, physical state of being. These may include consuming nutrient-dense fruits and vegetables, broths and aromatic herbs. If one’s immunity feels to be dropping suddenly that, person may find that they are actually deficient in self-care.

Consider when was the last time you ran a bath swirled with Epsom salts and essential oils. This can be done once a week, nightly, or first thing in the morning. Placing a hot water bag on or within touch while resting or reading may create comfort beyond imagination. Using a tongue scraper daily will reduce cravings, freshen breath and boost confidence. These are just a few examples to enhance continuing wellness. For many, a necessary step may be to slow down to experience such simple tasks.

When relevant nutrients, other than vitamin-rich foods and fresh air, are missing, the body will demand these acts and should not be ignored. From a place of luminous self-love, celebrate life.

Sara McCoy is an Integrated Health Coach, providing guidance in nutrition and a healthy lifestyle. To schedule a consultation contact Sara at [email protected]


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