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One-on-One Yoga Instruction with Vinaya Saunders

May 01, 2016 08:56AM
Vinaya Saunders, of Leesburg, learned at an early age from her homeland in Bangalore, India, about traditional rituals, yoga practice, tantra and how to live a holistic lifestyle. Her parents exposed her to these influences as they traveled throughout India. At the age of 11-years-old, she participated in her first yoga experience as part of her school curriculum.

From this background, she has moved from a career in engineering to interior design, but eventually came back to yoga as a lifestyle and a profession. Today, her practice is offered to the world, to bring in true self-transformation. Saunders notes that “it is a unique and humble approach toward life itself.” With training that enables her to offer yoga to both children and adults (including training for patients with traumatic brain injury), her practice is a combination of Eastern and Western forms of yoga. Saunders follows and practices her own style, which she titled “Vinayam”, meaning “a humble approach to yoga” and is a combination of several styles. In her classes, “we pause and slow down and all my classes are designed considering the seasons and clients’ unique body type. It is a complete spiritual practice which challenges the mind, along with physical benefits.

Saunders is unique in that she works with clients in their own homes. This format is followed, according to Saunders, because she sees how profound transformation happens when it is one-on-one. With group classes, the attention is diluted and in many cases, leaving the teacher and student with a shallow version of practice.

In addition to her home-based sessions in her students’ homes, she will be meeting the community at upcoming events, including Love Your Body Festival on June 12 in Reston, where she will be offering free 10-minutes reiki or guided meditation sessions. Saunders is also offering a discount on private one-on-one yoga teacher training, beginning in May. 

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