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More than the Baby Blues?

May 01, 2016 08:59AM
by Laina Poulakos
Postpartum depression (PPD) is a condition, which can run be experienced as a mild to a very serious case that affects not just mothers, but also the children and her family. Even a mild case of the baby blues is much different then severe PPD. If the feelings of sadness and depression last more than a few days or if the mother has feelings of harming herself or the children, it is important to get medical help immediately.

For mild PPD, some home remedies might help reduce the symptoms. Some women have a hard time asking for help or taking time for themselves, even though taking care of herself is just as important as caring for her newborn. While it seems nearly impossible, it is important for a new mother struggling with PPD to get plenty of rest. Sleep when the baby sleeps. Take the help that friends and family offer to watch the baby for a few hours.

Meditation is also a great way to help relax and clear the mind, even if only grabbing a few minutes to find a quiet center. An aromatherapy infusion of eight drops lavender and five drops lemon essential oils can be added to a diffuser, bath or add it to a carrier oil and applied to pulse points as needed.

Also good for the mother and baby is breast-feeding which releases oxytocin and relaxes the mind. Sit down with a cup of red raspberry tea and nettle tea, which helps to quiet the mind and quench the body. Or grab the stroller (and the baby) and take a walk to enjoy a breath of fresh and enjoy the sunshine. Getting through these challenging first days and weeks of motherhood can be rewarding with a little help and an opportunity to keep a clear mind and healthy body.

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