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Breast Enlargement Formula Sets Holistic Standard Reflecting in Unprecedented Efficacy and Many Health Benefits

May 30, 2016 09:39PM
Anyone thinking responsibly about the cosmetic and safety risks involved in surgical breast augmentation would be interested to know that there is now an unprecedented natural alternative which your surgeon would not want you to know about. Developers of time-tested Natural Woman® “plant-vs-implants” formula, attest that breast implants and fat transfer (lipo-augmentation) are needlessly injurious in light of the dramatic, perennial results that can be organically achieved with this product.

It is well publicized that with lipo, the fat grafts reabsorb 40 to 60 percent, requiring multiple surgeries, provided the patient even has enough fat. Plus, as the company explains, the results are strictly fat without holistic regard for the matrix glandular tissue. They also avow that all other formulas are comprised of just an aggregate of women’s medicinal herbs (further made drug-like by extraction), which treat various female health conditions, whether you need them or not. Meaning, they possess compounds that stimulate the endocrine and reproductive systems, causing hormonal side-effects like swelling, fluid retention and enlargement of fat cells, which falsely present as results. Their product, Natural Woman®, works at the breast receptor level via "true" phytoestrogens, as measured by their ability to bind with affinity to breast receptors and stimulate actual breast tissue growth.

 The holistically formulated ingredients and wholesomeness of results (which, according to the testimonials, are very impressive), as well as their personalized support and focus on women’s health issues, places Natural Woman® in a category entirely by itself.

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