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Hire A Health Coach

Jun 30, 2016 04:49PM
by Sara McCoy
There are countless resources available today, providing dietary guidelines, information on various supplements, healthy lifestyle persuasion, just to name a few. This list may seem quite daunting to the tired, busy professional, the overly scheduled parent or even an excessively fatigued college student with a demanding social routine. Maybe you've spoken with a specialist who has recommended a full night's rest and a balanced diet to assist with chronic fatigue, and additionally prescribed an anti-anxiety drug. How quickly did you successfully put this all into effect? If you're like most people, you ate a few salads, took pills with little improvement to your overall health and think of meal prep as an excess chore.

Do see your doctor for important medical concerns, however, it can be very beneficial to seek further assistance to bridge the gap between your state-of-mind and your desired ending point. This is what health coaches are hired to do. A health coach will not treat any present illness, but they will empower you to recognize your past and present behaviors that influence your current well- being.

Through active listening, your health coach will help you design specific, measurable, realistic and timely goals which are unique to you. You may find that, after forming a rapport with a health coach, food selection will become fun and daring, you have extra time for relaxation or other personal enjoyment, others notice a pep in your step and you may experience feelings of lightness and increased joy.

The results are endless and will always be from within.

Sara McCoy is an Integrated health coach, providing guidance in nutrition and a healthy lifestyle. To schedule a consultation contact Sara at [email protected]


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