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An Invitation from Lovelight Festival co-founder, Wynne Paris

Jul 29, 2016 10:21PM
Namaste friends,

As the nation mourns, and the world turns upside down I believe the only thing that can really change the world is love. Together with my longtime friend and Woodstock festival co-founder Michael Lang, I invite you to raise your voices, open your hearts and practice yoga at the first, of many to come, Lovelight Yoga and Arts Festival.

Honoring the values of the Woodstock generation and dedicated to the path of yoga and transformation, the Lovelight Festival features great kirtan teachers like Krishna Das, GuruGanesha Singh and David Newman. It also stars of one the greatest living legends of Yoga, Sri Dharma Mittra.  With a few groovy rock bands and a number of IDM DJ’s thrown into the mix, we hope to bring generations and worlds together, uniting them in spirit, dharma and action.             This festival will be alcohol-free, drug-free and all vegetarian – a truly high vibrational and transformational experience.

Celebrating Integral yoga and ISKCON’s 50th anniversary, the Lovelight Festival brings traditions and lineages together with modern yoga styles like dharma, Jivamukti, Kundalini, Hatha and tantra as well as good ole fashioned hippie Earth wisdom.

Celebrating the arts, Lovelight also offers fire dancing, hooping, live painting, installations and theme camps including a children’s village for the younger mystics among us.

The Lovelight Yoga and Arts Festival is a wholly interactive environment wherein the goal is to enlighten and empower, as well as encourage expression and participation. At Lovelight, the line between performer and participant is blurred; the Lovelight community is so rich with talent and wisdom, everyone plays a part in a cosmic passion play that creates inspiration, knowledge and brother- and sister-hood. We share the light inside of us and know that we are warmed by the light in others.

Please join us for a full chakra experience that offers something for everyone, whether you are looking to connect with nature, deepen your practice, make new friends or return to the garden for three more days of peace, love and music. I hope to see you there, my friends.


Location: Camp Ramblewood, Darlington, MD. For more information and registration, visit


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