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Empowering and Educating on Mind-Body-Spirit Wellness in Falls Church

Aug 29, 2016 10:04PM

A Spotlight on Bonita Woods Wellness Institute

by Robin Fillmore
Bonita Woods has carefully woven together a collection of healers that brings new meaning to the term “health support”. From her nonprofit organization, the Bonita Woods Wellness Institute, she works with those who are seeking relief from a variety of concerns. Woods approaches the task from the stance of educating the patient. At its start, the institute was focused on providing nutritional support but Woods soon realized that her patients needed a comprehensive understanding of the causes and solutions to their health concerns. While addressing the issues of mind and spirit, along with the body, her patients thrive.

More than a clinic, the Bonita Woods Wellness Institute is a mind-body-spirit education center. According to Woods, “It is our goal to teach people how to be in charge of their own mind-body-spirit wellness and to learn how to be in charge of the choices that can make them well. If someone chooses to see a doctor, take medicine or have surgery, it should be from a place of education and choice. If one chooses to meditate or change their diet, it should always be because they understand what they are doing.”

Along with nutritional support, Woods understood that her first patients needed to address the underlying reasons for their health concerns. “I noticed that the major reason that people were coming to me were health issues caused by stress. I started referring them to do yoga and meditation. If someone is in a deep state of anxiety, they are not able to absorb properly the nutrition they need.” Growing out of that need, she started offering additional services for her clients. Now she has a full staff that includes a licensed medical doctor, Dr. Susan Lucas, who also uses qigong and energetic touch therapy to work with patients. Lucas also specializes in providing natural relief for thyroid conditions. Additionally, Woods is joined by another nutritionist, shamans and hypnotherapists, a variety of energy healers, angelic messengers and those that help tap their past lives. This growth in the Institute has come by opening up to the opportunities that have presented themselves. According to Woods, “Surrendering oneself to the universe is as powerful as a well-written business plan.”

While many other wellness centers entice new patients with classes, Woods encourages patients to be seen by a practitioner and then get them into the classes that would be most beneficial. In so doing, the practitioners help to bring together a group of people who are on a similar energetic mission, while building community within the group. There are a variety of classes at the Institute, with offerings up to five nights per week.

Coming this fall, Woods is creating a few new programs. In September, they will be starting a six-week program to teach people how to access their own Akashic records. Then in October, Woods and Dr. Joshua Kai, author of The Quantum Prayer, will be starting Conscious Evolution, a six-month certification program for personal care or a one-year certification program for those wishing to become a practitioner or teacher. Conscious Evolution teaches how to be in charge of personal growth as it impacts self, community and global growth. Woods notes, “There is no question that humanity and the planet is always in a state of evolution. We can make conscious choices that have a positive effect upon that.” Attendees can sign up for either certification program or opt to take a single class.

The institute is also seeking program grants to help individuals, particularly those with autism spectrum or post-traumatic stress disorder, to train their own emotional-behavioral service dogs. Even though the training for these service dogs is much less than for other service animals, the wait can be from two to five years, with the cost of between $30,000 to $50,000. Woods notes that “When people train their own service dogs, it is emotionally and behaviorally therapeutic. They choose the dog—a dog they have connected with—and then they go through a training process that is very therapeutic, comforting and enjoyable. By the time their dog is fully trained, the owner’s needs are dramatically reduced as well.”

With her staff and a great deal of energy, Woods provides a tremendous service to her community in Falls Church and beyond, but is always open to enlightening others to the great work of the Institute. She will be at the fall Pathways Expo as well as Natural Awakenings Healthy Living Expo on September 17.

Location: 140 Little Falls St., Stes. 105, 110 and 111, Falls Church. For more information about Bonita Woods Wellness Institute and to see a list of her upcoming classes, visit


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