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Rediscover Your Personal Greatness Without Using Data

Aug 30, 2016 11:19PM

Retreat Spotlight

by Paul Klinger
Technology is the greatest tool of our modern time. It is also the greatest culprit of removing us from our unique greatness. For the most part, technology was designed for governments, corporations and businesses to maximize staff productivity. These technology advances and software were designed to, literally, make us compute faster, place more demands and increase employee productivity. These demands may work for enterprises, but these tools have seeped into the very fabric of our families and personal lives.

In today’s world, we find ourselves staring at screens, analyzing data and living reliant on our digital devices. We live in a world where you actually have a digital face, define ourselves with the pictures we take and communicate with instant messages. So is this inherently bad thing? Does this make us bad people? The simple and definite answer is NO. But how we rely on technology, all too often, can consume too much time, energy and even money as we delve into our digital realities. If left unbalanced, it can change our day-to-day living habits. After all, we all want to live our lives with purpose or intent.

Digital Recess, an experience that will help participants find their personal balance by learning new tools with joy, playfulness and discovery, is being offered October 21 to 23 at Sevenoaks Retreat Center, just a few hours’ drive from Washington, D.C. On the expansive 120-acre grounds with first-class accommodations and services, plus a knowledgeable staff, participants will enjoy the perfect atmosphere to unplug for a weekend and learn tools for a lifetime.

Experience the joy of yoga or tai chi, escape into nature down a deep forest trail and observe an array of wildlife. Play a timeless game and enjoy real face-to-face conversations. Sky-gaze in a hammock and indulge in delicious cuisine. For this life-restoring weekend, individuals, friends and families get the chance to set aside the digital devices, find new connections, gain greater perspective and find inspiration to be your absolute best self.

Digital Recess can give lifelong skills and tools to create balance—creating the space to find one’s purpose in life. But it is up to each of us to clear space to learn the skills that can empower us to grow and thrive in the midst of the increasingly technology-led lives—and to seek experiences that enable us to rediscover purpose and greatness.

Break through and rediscover your dreams and change your life forever.

Location: 403 Pathwork Way, Madison, VA. For more information on the Digital Recess and Sevenoaks Retreat Center, visit


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