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Letter From the Publisher

Aug 30, 2016 11:14PM
Dear Friends,

I have often said that life is better with a soundtrack. Turns out, it does. According to NASA scientists, the universe provides its own song for us. This has led many to ponder: what role does music and sound play to help people to be healthy and happy? I’ve never seen an unhappy person on the dancefloor, regardless of their ability to keep the beat or get out of the way of their own two left feet. The rhythm of life, coupled with good vibrations, usually brings out the best in people.

Current research, discussed in this month’s feature, explores the role that healing music can bring to those suffering with specific medical conditions, as well as those who just like some tunes to accompany them on a daily basis. Drumming, crystal bowls, singing along with the radio—all have a place in promoting wellness and inducing healing.

I love to sing myself, and have been doing so in school ensembles, church choirs, orchestra chorales and community theater for as long as I can remember. I have had some transcendental experiences while singing, particularly when doing so with other musicians. The feeling of soaring through perfect harmonies is almost indescribable and always leaves me wanting more. I encourage you to learn more about the healing power of sound and music this month. Or better yet, seek out opportunities to sing or make music with others—even if it is at the local karaoke bar.

September is also our annual yoga issue. Again, we are graced with local yogini, Nya Alemayhu ( on the cover at the D.C. War Memorial, and offer a bit of her compelling story in the magazine. The greater Washington, D.C. area is ripe with many excellent yoga studios and a wide range of styles—providing a plethora of opportunities to explore all types of yoga. Check out our yoga directory with some of the best offerings in our area. We also explore the growing field of yoga helping those who suffer with Parkinson’s disease in a fascinating piece by M. Teresa Vandergriff.

This month also marks the beginning of busy season. The calendar is chock-full of great events and opportunities to meet up with other wellness-seekers in the community. We hope you will join Natural Awakenings at the next Healthy Living Expo at Unity of Fairfax on September 17. There is a great line-up of talks and cooking demos, opportunities to engage with amazing healthy-living professional from all over the area, plus bodywork and healthy food to enjoy. Get discounted tickets online at or purchase them at the door.

We are also starting up our monthly webinars again this month, with the first, Dealing with Digestive Disorders, taking place on September 20. Dr. Sushma Hirani of Rose Wellness, in Oakton, shares her expertise in supporting natural remedies to overcome common digestive issues. Finally, we are working with Montgomery County Parks to bring a series of free classes and events throughout September—including 10-minute seated massages and Bollywood classes, in Bethesda, and tai chi classes, in Silver Spring. The opportunities are found throughout the magazine, in our calendar section as well as on our website, Everything is free (even the massages) so please join in the fun.

Thanks again for being loyal readers each month and sharing your good thoughts and suggestions. We continue to strive each month to bring you compelling and thought-provoking information that will help you on a path to wellness and joy. Thanks for being a part of our journey!


With a song in my heart,



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