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Free Talk on Relieving Pain Without Medications

Most doctors know that up to 80 percent of women over the age of 45 have muscle and joint pain and fail to feel normal. Many are not depressed and in need of antidepressants, yet they are prescribed these medications, without success. Dr. Serena Satcher has an approach that can get at the root causes and offers a free talk to help those suffering find help, getting out of the cycle of pain and pills.

The traditional medical response is to check a few labs and x-rays and diagnose fibromyalgia, or arthritis. Pain medicines, NSAID’S and antidepressants are prescribed. Sometimes surgery and physical therapy is prescribed, and helps temporarily, yet the pain creeps back up or hits another joint. This drug and surgical approach is not helping up to 80 percent of the those caught in this cycle of disability, hopelessness and a loss of motivation for a healthy lifestyle.       Many people continue to suffer with these symptoms of insomnia, muscle and joint pain, inability to exercise because of pain and fatigue depression, lack of motivation, memory problems, brain fog and feeling nervous and emotional, without relief.

Satcher has developed an approach that can get at the root causes that she shares in her free talks. In this free talk, participants will discover the underlying causes of joint and muscle pain, why it’s destroying mobility and motivation, why taking medicines may not help the symptoms, or just help temporarily, and why a personalized approach is essential. Seating is limited so call now to reserve a seat and finally see why it’s not all in your head

For more information and to receive the times and location of the talk, call 703-454-9326 x 0. Dr. Serena Satcher, M.D., IFMCP, is board certified in PMR, functional and integrative medicine, Her office is located at 10560 Main St., Fairfax. For more information, email [email protected]

June 2020




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