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Natural Awakenings Washington DC Metro

1000 Goddess Gathering

Sep 27, 2016 08:15PM
Join this gathering at the base of the Washington Monument from 11 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. on October 22. This event is a wisdom and compassion gathering based on the Tibetan myth that when 1,000 Goddesses or Taras, unite, this will bring the Divine Feminine and compassion back into the Earth.

Join for the ceremony, chanting, healing spaces, singing and dancing, and the invoking of the Great Mother/Goddess in us all—in all of her myriad manifestations, which anchors her back into the heart of Earth Mother, and our hearts.

All women are Goddesses are invited, and men are invited as Sacred Guardians. Plus, there will be chocolate stations

The event is free but donations requested. To attend, register at


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