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The Future of Personalized Health Care Has Arrived

Sep 28, 2016 07:40PM
There is an exciting shift in medicine toward individualized health care. More people than ever before are taking a proactive interest in their health because they want to have the energy to do everything they want in life. Dr. Anne Berkeley will be opening her new practice to address this demand for individualized health care this month at 915 I Street NW, Suite 700, Washington, D.C., which is close to the Farragut North metro.

Your health could be affected by many things, like food sensitivities, infections in the gut, hormonal imbalances, underlying inflammation, environmental toxins or stress. We are all genetically and microbially different, so it makes sense that the treatments used for each of us should be as unique as we are. Berkeley customizes her approach to care for each patient and uses functional lab testing to better understand what’s happening in the body. These various tests provide valuable information and include: salivary cortisol level testing, micronutrient status and a complete hormone analysis. Her approach combines natural therapies, like botanical medicine, detoxification, homeopathy and clinical nutrition, with modern medicine to understand the root cause of symptoms and to assist the body’s inherent ability to restore health.

In addition, she will be offering two programs to support women. Her Vital Pregnancy Program will help patients to enhance their fertility and the Vital Woman Program will assist women to increase their energy and vitality.

For more information or to schedule an appoint, call 202-798-0221 or visit


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