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Letter from the Publisher

Oct 31, 2016 03:14PM
Dear Friends,

I am thankful for November—particularly this November. My son is getting married this month. We are joining together two families while helping to support the growth of a new branch in our family tree. In addition to having a great party planned and getting everyone together, the wedding will be a wonderful expression of the love shared by two of my favorite people in the world.

Aaron and Diane have been together since their freshmen year of college. I have watched them grow through college, handle their first jobs (and second jobs) and then a move together to Germany for a great work opportunity, as well as the chance to see Europe for a few years. So in this month when we are attuned to giving thanks, I am particularly grateful for the chance to celebrate their future together.

This month in Natural Awakenings, we focus on several themes. I have to admit that my mind was blown when I first read our feature on the powerful ways to avoid mental decline. Alzheimer’s disease scares me. I have vivid memories of my grandmother’s inability to remember my name in the years before she died. Friends’ have slowly watched their parents lose their identities through this disease that seemed all but inevitable. But, perhaps there is hope on the horizon.

Research now being done to address the sources of damage to the aging brain is encouraging; namely, identifying potential nutritional and hormonal deficiencies, as well as environmental triggers. I used to joke with my husband that I hoped that the self-driving cars were common by the time I needed one. My new hope is that this research about keeping the aging mind sharp and disease-free blossoms into solid answers for each of us. Our feature provides information about some of the research being done as well as suggestions for lifestyle changes and supplements that seem to be helping so many.

Along with our focus on healthy aging, we turn to natural beauty this month. We offer tips on how to give a “One Person Pamper Party” and introduce you to our region’s most innovative leaders in natural beauty and self-care. In my interview with Pilar, of Studio Pilar, she offered the important insight that so many of us take great care to eat only the healthiest of foods. However, we don’t necessarily apply the same care when we slather on lotions and chemicals over the largest organ in our body, namely, our skin.

Each of the highlighted entrepreneurs offer a different take on getting to natural beauty. We encourage you to enjoy and indulge in all that they have to offer. Feel free to pamper yourself a bit, while getting healthy.

Our team at Natural Awakenings is thankful for our advertisers for sustaining us with great articles and access to their wonderful businesses and practices. We are equally thankful for you, our readers, who devour the magazine cover-to-cover and share the important insights with their friends and family. We hope that you have a gratitude-filled month.





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