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Letter From the Publisher

Dear Friends,

Welcome to our annual Natural Living Directory. In this special edition, we have reached out to the best that our greater community can provide for healthy and balanced living, and provided an easy way for you to meet them—in the pages of the directory. When I started my own journey toward natural wellness and healing, one my first realizations was that it was a challenge to find the skilled practitioners who offered the types of services I needed. As I progressed on my journey, I discovered that there was so much I didn’t know and it was helpful to have some type of reference that introduced me to a whole new world of practices and services that would match my needs even better than those I already knew about.

When taking stock of our value to the community, and from the response I get from you, dear readers, I have come to know that Natural Awakenings not only introduces you to these practitioners, businesses and new ways of thinking, it enables us all to conceive of ourselves as a different kind of community---one that looks for alternative ways of thinking, better ways to care for one another and, most importantly, one that offers support in uncertain times. The response that came in from last month’s letter was overwhelming and offered me hope that there is a new consciousness and a greater level of solidarity among those who have visions of a greater nation that provides safety, inclusion and peace.

As we start this new year together, I think it is just as important to take stock of the time that has passed and deeply dive into some self-analysis that uncovers our own strengths as it is to make a resolution for any new lifestyle changes. Certainly, we can all identify areas in our life where we can do better—for our health, in our relationships and for the community—and this “season of resolutions” is a good time to do that. But I would also encourage you to take some time to love the person that you are and find where you have a voice to make your neighborhood, your community, your world a better place. Even better, use your new year’s resolution to build up your skills to not only change yourself but to enact positive change in the world and for the people around you.

Everyone has the potential to become a healer with the gifts they already possess. With nurturing and intention, these gifts are revealed, strengthened and unleashed in a majestic way. Drawn together with the healing powers of others in the community, we can create a new world. As Margaret Mead has said (and sorry for sharing this quote again), “Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.”

Make 2017 your year to change your world!



August 2020



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