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Locally Produced Sleep-Aid Tea Now Available

Christian Hyland was having trouble sleeping upon his return home from two deployments to Afghanistan. Over-the-counter sleep aids only made him feel groggy and restless in the morning after, making it difficult to work. From this experience, Coyotea, a natural, organic tea that helps promote sleep, was born and now is available throughout the greater D.C. area.

According to Hyland, “I tried everything I could find over-the-counter to help me sleep but was really disappointed by what I found. Many of the products were synthetic and I especially disliked products that were full of antihistamines. I began experimenting with many different herbs and found that along with good sleep hygiene, they were very effective. But cold brewing at home is normally a 12-hour process for me. When I couldn’t find anything at the store, I decided to bottle it myself with my two co-founders of Coyotea, Matt Harb and Nick De Gregorio.”

As a melatonin and synthetic amino-free drink, Coyotea combines lemon balm, hops, valerian, peppermint, chamomile, lavender, poppy and passionflower. The ingredients are brewed separately and then combined to ensure that the most powerful ingredients have the most profound effect for reducing anxiety, calming the body, inducing sleep, as well as adding flavor.

Coyotea was initially sold on Georgetown's campus and in the first days, according to Hyland, “the bottles simply flew off the shelves. We also began receiving emails from across the country asking about Coyotea.” It is now available throughout the greater D.C. area and sold online.

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