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Massage Therapy in D.C. Is A Hot Trend

More and more people are getting a regular massage in the D.C. area. Employers all over the region are realizing the positive effects of providing massage to their teams. Massage not only relieves pain, but also leaves the receiver refreshed and more productive.

Prices for massages can range from $39 an hour at schools like Potomac Massage Training Institute (PMTI) and can run up to $250 an hour for highly skilled therapists. There are also many companies that will bring massage chairs to offices so the staff can have short seated massages, then they go right back to work—feeling appreciated and motivated.

For those looking for a new career in a health-related field, the Bureau of Labor and Statistics ranks massage therapy as a career growing “much faster than average” at a rate of 22 percent, which goes along with the trend of the rise in healthcare jobs. For example, top professional sports teams and athletes employ massage therapists to get peak performance and mobility. Physicians, personal trainers, yogis, psychologists and more are starting to recommend massage to their clients as a complement to their work.

PMTI is the only nonprofit massage school in the region, offering a part-time 18-month professional training program. PMTI has had a 99 percent pass rate for the national license exam (MBLEX) for the last six years. Compare that to the national average of only 62 percent. PMTI has been around since 1976, with a program and instructors that are internationally recognized for excellence. Classes start March 7.

For more information about getting a massage or starting a new career, call 202-686-7046, email [email protected] or visit

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