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Letter From the Publisher

Jan 31, 2017 12:57PM
Dear Friends,

We have arrived to the month of love! If it weren’t for Valentine’s Day, I think that February would have a serious branding problem. The weather is generally gray and either rainy or snowy, the holidays are in the rear-view mirror and it seems like a long time until the new shoots of spring will draw us out of the February-slump.

I remember that as a second-grader, my teacher, Mrs. Moss, understood how challenging it was to “get through” the month so every Friday, so she planned a special mini-celebration for us. We got a little treat and played some games. She would also spend extra time reading a favorite chapter book to the class. It was in her class that I became acquainted with Fern, Wilbur and most importantly, Charlotte, the brave spider heroine of Charlotte’s Web. Now, nearly 50 years later, I can still remember the lesson for February—do something a little bit fun each week and February will fly by.

Our February edition presents a challenging topic, the sacred passage from life to death. For so many, politic conversation doesn’t revolve around death and all the details that make a passage generous to both the one who is transitioning as to the family. Culturally, we avoid the topic because we don’t want to think about it, yet there is not one of us on this green earth who can avoid dealing with it. If you are one, like me, who just “doesn’t want to go there,” I encourage you to read our feature, “Sacred Passage: Conscious Dying as a Transformative Healing Journey”, beautifully written by one of Natural Awakenings national editors, Linda Sechrist, for your own transformation on this topic.

Also, in honor of this month of love, we explore the research on great marriages and relationships. Turns out, the key is kindness. I had heard of the research being conducted by the Gottman Institute from a friend who was struggling in his 15-year marriage. While John and Julie Gottman have come up with a compelling prescription on how to make a long-term relationship work, the diagnosis of marriages between, what they label “masters” and “disasters” is very concrete. If the partners are looking for ways to show appreciation, thanks and kindness to one another in every instance (even in times of conflict), they hold the keys to success and can enjoy a long, fulfilling relationship. Intrigued to know more? I encourage you to read “Kissed with Kindness” this month.

Finally, I wanted to remind everyone that February is Children’s Dental Health month and we are celebrating that by sharing spotlights with two nationally known holistic dental practices that happen to be based in Washington, D.C. Dr. Mark McClure of NIHA and Dr. Terry Victor, the DC Dentist both share the importance of keeping your children’s teeth (not to mention, your own) healthy and why a holistic practitioner is an important step in that process. Be inspired and make that dental appointment that you have been putting off!




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