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Women’s Wellness Retreat in the Blue Ridge Mountains

Looking for an opportunity to refresh your passion and your soul in the months ahead? You are invited to Nurture Your Passion, Nourish Your Soul, a women’s retreat to be held April 13 to 16 at Blue Mountain Retreat Center, in Knoxville, Maryland. This gathering is for women who are serving, caretaking or contributing to the world, as well as holding frustration, anger or sadness in their hearts.

This retreat is designed to give participants the space and support to help them to recenter, ground and remember what’s important, so each woman can better serve herself alongside her community and the people in her life that need her. It will give attendees the skills, practices and tools to heal, reflect, and prepare to be truly effective. In sharing this sacred space together, there will be the opportunity nurture the collective passion and nourish tender souls.

            When pondering if you should attend, consider whether you feel stuck in the doing, achieving or climbing, yet want to find more practical self-care strategies that really work in everyday life. Or perhaps, you feel shut out, shut up or shut down by the masculine and know you must stop fighting in ways that lead you to exhaustion or burnout. Finally, you may feel confused or fearful about what to do next and want to reconnect with your true purpose. While there are different questions to ask while on retreat, there will be ample opportunity and support as you prepare yourself to maximize your effectiveness and ability to live in vulnerability and fight with passion amid the chaos around you.

Location: 2 Hoffmaster Rd., Knoxville, Maryland. For more information or to register, visit

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