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Proper Nutrition Keeps Your Pet Healthy

by Pema Choepel Mallu, DMV
Dogs and cats are carnivores and they cannot digest grains well. Cats are obligate carnivores that are pre-disposed to diabetes when fed foods with grains. Feeding a raw diet has helped many pets get over IBD, allergies in general, ear infections, auto immune diseases, epilepsy, bladder stones, arthritis, obesity, Cushing’s disease, thyroid disease, liver and kidney disease, pancreatitis and cancer. Raw diets also contribute to improved oral hygiene. If a raw diet is not for you, consider home cooking, freeze-dried raw food, grain-free canned food or grain-free dry food.

Nutrition is the key to maintaining a pet’s vital force and keeping the body and their immune system strong. Providing the individual pet with what their body needs creates balance. Ideally, it is recommended that pets eat a raw diet—full of meat, vitamins, minerals, fatty acids, enzymes and probiotics from whole foods that are sourced from non-genetically modified organisms (non-GMO). Look for meats having a Global Animal Partnership (GAP) rating, produce that is free from pesticides and products packaged in BPA-free packaging. The body knows exactly how to digest whole foods that are free from added antibiotics or hormones, chemicals, synthetic vitamins and minerals.

Leaky gut syndrome is a common digestive disorder leading to many inflammatory disease states and must be addressed with a grain-free diet, and ideally a raw diet. Food allergy blood testing can be done to determine what food allergens are causing the irritation in the bowel and leaky gut disorder. Then the specific food allergens are eliminated from the diet, thus healing the leaky gut and secondary inflammatory diseases.

There are many nutritious pet-food lines available such as Answers Pet Food (, which specializes in raw diets, Stella & Chewy’s (, which makes freeze-dried raw diet and Weruva, which offers a canned diet. Great Life Grain, Potato and Pea-free ( and Orijen ( are nutritious dry foods. High quality food and pure water will improve organ function and poor quality food can deteriorate overall health. 

Dr. Pema Choepel Mallu helps to keep pets healthy and happy at Holistic Veterinary Healing in Germantown, MD. For more information about proper nutrition and feeding your pet a raw, healthy diet, call her at 240-715-6570 or visit

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