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Yoga as Lifestyle Medicine Two-Day Seminar

What if you could learn gentle practices to do throughout the day that would give you an enduring sense of ease and comfort, regardless of your health status? This question, and more, will be addressed in the two-day event, Yoga As Lifestyle Medicine, presented by the Smithsonian Associates and Therapeutic Yoga of Greater Washington, on March 25 and 26, at the Smithsonian. The event will provide an immersion in yoga for difficult diagnoses and special conditions. It is open to anyone seeking greater health and peace of mind, their healthcare providers and caretakers. Therapeutic yoga is quickly being established as a key component in modern medicine for prevention, recovery and self-care.

Over the course of the event, leading medical professionals, researchers, master teachers and authors will speak, guide demonstrations and participate in panel discussions on the first day, which will be led by the Smithsonian Associates. The second day is devoted to experiential master classes and intensive trainings, offered through Therapeutic Yoga of Greater Washington and its partners.

Attendees to the seminar will have the opportunity to hear experts speak and watch practitioners demonstrate best practices. The lunchtime discussions will engage the attendees with a discussion leader, on conditions that matter most to the attendees. The afternoon is then filled with more opportunities for greater learning. The presenters will engage with the audience to illuminate and encourage further exploration and personal discovery in the realm of yoga practices.

Some of the more prominent voices in therapeutic yoga will be speaking. Loren Fishman will share his research on back pain, osteoporosis, sciatica and scoliosis, arthritis, weight control, PMS and common injuries. Judith Hanson Lasater will promote stress relief and healing through restorative yoga. Sat Bir Khalsa will review the psychophysiology of yoga and the research evidence base on the efficacy of yoga therapy and share practices from his clinical trials on insomnia, anxiety disorders and Alzheimer’s disease.

JJ Gormley, accomplished and beloved therapeutic practitioner, presents on metabolic syndrome. Heather Mason, well-known in the U.S. and throughout UK, will focus on mental health. Steffany Moonaz, of the newly founded “Yoga for Arthritis”, based in Baltimore, will focus on rheumatology. Local-expert aligned with the Alzheimer’s Prevention and Research Foundation, Jane Stelboum, will teach compelling and simple practices from research trials.

Special guest speakers will be joining as well. Jnani Chapman, of Yoga for People with Cancer, will lead a discussion on the art of yoga: the roles of intentionality, motivation and dedication to creating and maintaining a daily practice. Dilip Sarkar, president of the International Association of Yoga Therapists, David Fogel and Mary Pappas-Sandanos of the Casey Health Institute, in Gaithersburg, will present case studies on how yoga therapy works in a doctor’s office.

The hope is that each person will find this program to be compelling and motivational, and that you will seek out qualified yoga teachers, therapeutic instructors and yoga therapists, wherever you live. Particularly if you feel that your lifestyle, due to arthritis, back pain, a serious health diagnosis, stress which is creating a challenge to getting a good night’s sleep or if you are simply looking for gentle practices that generate a sense of ease and comfort, this event will help to answer your concerns and bring you to a new understanding of yoga as a lifestyle choice to maintain health and balance.

Location: 1100 Jefferson Dr., SW, Washington. For more information on the program, visit For more information on yoga therapy, visit

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