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New Book on Sickle Cell Natural Healing

Tamika Moseley, speaker and sickle cell advocate, has released a ground-breaking book, Sickle Cell Natural Healing. Sickle cell is an inherited blood disease, caused when an individual does not produce enough red blood cells to carry oxygen throughout the body. Because of this, the blood becomes stuck in the vessels and leads to chronic pain, organ damage or failure, stroke or even death.

Sickle cell affects millions of people around the world globally and millions of lives are being lost because of this debilitating disease. For Moseley, the fight was personal as her son was diagnosed with sickle cell at a very early age. He suffered multiple crises in the first year of his life, was hospitalized every few months and required multiple blood transfusions. Moseley recounts, “I quickly realized that I had to do something different to help my son or the hospital would become our second home. I changed our diet to a majority of plant-based foods and cut out all processed foods and white sugars.” She also researched natural supplements to help the body naturally produce red blood cells, such as liquid chlorophyll and other supplements that helped to build blood, increase oxygen and raise hemoglobin when taken on a consistent basis.

With the adoption of lifestyle changes, her son, now 8-years-old, has not had a crisis in the last seven years. She notes that he is active, plays sports and lives a very healthy and productive life. Thankful to have gained this knowledge and education to help her son, Moseley now spends her time helping others along this journey.

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