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Amicus Green Building Center

Mar 30, 2017 03:03PM
Imagine a wonderfully designed space reflecting your style and your values, plus it doesn’t smell. A great thing about building green is that it does so many key things for you: fosters healthier air, water and materials; avoids dangerous chemicals; uses less energy; spaces are quieter and more comfortable; adopts the latest technologies; is gentle on our environment; and raises property value—in whatever your style is.

Amicus Green Building Center, with its showroom in Kensington, Maryland, is a design center and home improvement store that helps to make all this possible. Its mission is to “help people live, work, play and pray in sustainable, comfortable, healthy, affordable and responsible buildings.”

It is commonly thought that building green is more complicated or expensive than “conventional” materials or projects. It’s critical to understand that building green doesn’t have to be that way. Appropriate materials, standards and professionals are readily available at Amicus for nearly any project.

Working with projects of all sizes—from a simple paint job or refinishing a deck, remodeling a kitchen or bath, all the way to building a new house—Amicus works with homeowners, architects, contractors and more to achieve their goals.

People often ask if building green costs more. Cost more than what? The folks at Amicus can easily answer with a resounding “No, green does not cost more than other well-designed and built projects. Of course, you can spend more on high-profile features and fancy brands. And, you can build cheaper with inferior materials and designs. But, with a well-executed plan and materials selection, you can enjoy a beautiful, high performing ‘green’ space and keep your budget intact.”

Location: 4080 Howard Ave., Kensington. For more information,

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