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Letter From The Publisher

Dear Friends,

I have story to tell you—nothing full of intrigue or suspense—but a story of a journey. In fact, it is my journey story and there is a surprise ending.

For many years prior to publishing Natural Awakenings D.C., I worked with religious nonprofit organizations—in publishing, advocacy, event management, development—each position striving to help bring a voice to the voiceless and encouraging bold actions in the name of hope, justice, goodness and equality. Sometimes my constituencies were lovely church ladies and sometimes they were members of Congress. The theme woven through these decades of work was to encourage the establishment of a community for progressive change through individual steps.

As I moved away from that work in the “church-world” by taking on the role of publisher and editor-in-chief of Natural Awakenings, Washington, D.C., I hoped to bring that community-building and nourishing in the realm of natural healing and balance to the place that, quite frankly, needs it so dearly. And we did it. My team and I have been successful in creating a magnificent publication that serves, feeds and encourages so many.

But now, the call of the “church-world” has been beckoning me to “come home”. I have been discerning a call to the ministry within the United Methodist Church for a number of years. Once I had the courage to voice my recognition that this was moving within me, things began to take shape quickly and I began a formal process, through special schooling and spiritual guidance, to discern my next steps. I have now officially taken an appointment to be a licensed local minister in Northeast Pennsylvania, starting this summer.

Because of the speed with which this process has taken (for most people, it normally takes several years before an appointment is offered), I have made the decision to put Natural Awakenings D.C. on the market, for sale. My hope is that this magazine, born and nurtured through thousands of hours of relationship-building, editing, designing, and driving throughout the whole region, will be the next step in someone else’s life journey. My intention is to keep it as strong, vibrant and nourishing through this transition, until it comes into the hands of next proud publisher.

While I will miss being in community with all of you, my dear readers, I know that there is an amazing future for some other faithful captain of this ship. I put out this intention to you all, and to the universe, that the new owner (whoever he or she may be) will have just as much passion to the mission and commitment to strengthening the community of health-seekers, as I have had. What this means practically, if you know someone who may be the next publisher of Natural Awakenings for the greater D.C. area, please share the opportunity and have them contact me at [email protected]

In the meantime, we will continue to bring you cutting-edge information from some of the best local and national writers, healers and thinkers. This month, we look past the recent lousy weather and consider how creating an eco-friendly personal environment can happen. Then, when your physical body is weary from putting in the garden or renovating (with green building materials) your bathroom, it will be time for a massage. I am huge advocate for therapeutic massage as a tool for self-care and not just because my daughter is an amazing licensed massage therapist in another state. There are great options in our area, including one of the most highly regarded massage schools in the country, Potomac Massage Therapy Institute, in our own backyard. Treat yourself, and book that massage.

Thanks again for your support of Natural Awakenings, in the past and in the months ahead.




August 2020



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