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Dr. Melissa Windsor of Windsor Wellness

Chiropractic and Nutritional Support for Patients of All Ages

Even before she began her journey to become a medical professional, Dr. Melissa Windsor knew two things: that she wanted to help others find healing and that the body had the ability to heal itself, most often without the need for intervention. Today, she offers individual and family chiropractic and nutritional care at Windsor Wellness, in Reston.

Specifically, she focuses her chiropractic work on acute and wellness care and works with patients of all ages—from infant to adult. She is becoming known throughout the region for her work with prenatal and postnatal women, as well as baby care. Using her chiropractic skills, she helps apprehensive moms and moms-to-be relieve conditions ranging from acid reflux, joint pain, headaches, neck and back pain and the impact of stress on the body.

This work is done in tandem with nutrition care, or balancing of the immune system for wellness and in the face of specific disease states. Windsor works with her patients to identify and help with chronic food allergies and sensitivities, and in healing digestive conditions.

A practicing chiropractor for 11 years, Windsor was introduced to the practice as a college student. Unlike so many others, she had no miracle story of being healed and had only ever been treated by two chiropractors before leaving the hustle and bustle of NYC to begin her chiropractic journey in Northern California.

She notes, “Chiropractic's natural approach was a good fit for the way I live my own life. I think it’s important for people to know that chiropractic is more than aligning the spine—regular treatment can help to reduce stress levels and boost the immune system. Patients often report improved sleep, increased energy and motivation, reduced stress levels, just after a few treatments.”

It is these benefits that keep her doing her work with joy. Good chiropractic care depends on a solid doctor-patient relationship, which Windsor counts as a benefit to her work—specifically getting to know her patients on a personal level and walking alongside of them as they find relief from a range of problems, including headaches, low back pain and acid reflux. A side benefit of her prenatal and postnatal work is being a part of growing families. Windsor recalls, “I treated a mom just hours before she gave birth and had the privilege of adjusting baby, days later.” Finally, it is a great privilege for Windsor to educate her patients about the benefits they receive from chiropractic care. For so many people, it opens a new world of possibilities, to discover their own healing.

Location: Windsor Wellness, 11707 Bowman Green Dr., Reston. To contact Dr. Windsor, call 703-349-6831 or visit

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