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Truth and Illusion

Apr 28, 2017 01:18PM

A Spotlight on the New Book by Rev. Carol Richardson

Rev. Carol E. Richardson, M.Div., MPH, is a life coach, stress reduction specialist and healer, working throughout the greater Washington, D.C. area. She is also a spiritual scientist who has experienced mystical visions through her 20 years of practicing Raja Yoga meditation. Working with people intuitively, soul-to-soul and through energy healing, she has experienced numerous miracles. She delights in serving as a yogini who teaches scientific techniques for achieving union with the Divine. Having so far experienced only glimpses of this expansive consciousness and divine bliss, she persists in her own studies, trusting that one day she will discover, for herself and for the benefit of others, Ultimate Truth.

Richardson is currently finishing her latest book, Truth and Illusion: The Politics of Spirituality and How One Person’s Lie Is Another One’s Truth, which is due to come out May 1. She graciously has shared some excerpts, with ideas, insights, and profound truths that she has learned from a lifetime of study.

What is the essence of your new book Truth and Illusion?

When East meets West in Truth and Illusion, the yogic science of spirituality extends psychology’s understanding of human nature, so that finally we can understand why one person’s lie is another one’s truth. You will learn:

  • how to cultivate inner wisdom
  • why we must harmonize dualistic thinking, such as East–West, male–female, left brain–right brain, rich–poor, and individualistic–communal, so we can find truth
  • how the seven chakras represent our progress in understanding life, truth, ourselves and one another
  • how patriarchy has overpowered humanity culturally and religiously, limiting our human development and blocking our access to ultimate truths
  • how feminine qualities, masculine qualities, love, fear, and the worldviews of each of our seven chakras combine to explain why we see the world the way we do.
You will be amazed to discover yourself and others so clearly described along the developmental journey through the chakra system. You will understand why we are who we are, and how all of us can progress in our quests for truth. Truth and Illusion ultimately leads us to transcend duality to a state of oneness, discovering Truth and creating harmony together.

Our worldview is deeply shaped by which chakra we mostly resonate with at any given time. Each chakra offers a sense of truth that makes sense to us when we are at this stage of development. This is why we see truth so differently from each other.

On patriarchy:

One of the fallacies of the patriarchal approach is the idea that we become weak and vulnerable if we express our needs and feelings, and therefore, we must remain strong by rarely or never expressing needs and feelings. The problem with that belief is that it tends to make us lose our own self-awareness. The truth is that when we lose awareness of what is going on inside ourselves, that lack of awareness makes us weak.

When we become consciously aware of our feelings, we become stronger, because then we can accept responsibility for speaking or acting to provide for our own emotional needs…. Once we know our own needs and accept responsibility for them, we can be open to hearing the needs and truths of others, if we open our awareness from a place of love rather than fear.

The duality of masculine and feminine is so vital to overcome because androcentrism (the tendency to see everything from a man’s perspective rather than a woman’s) and patriarchy have dominated our reasoning, our philosophies, our portrayals of history and our politics.

Moreover, patriarchy has largely defined reality and what it means to be human, generally in ways that have neglected the experiences of girls and women. Patriarchy has often disdained more feminine, nurturing and cooperative values that are nonetheless inherent and essential aspects of being human. By neglecting feminine ways of being, knowing, doing, perceiving and valuing, patriarchy has also skewed our understanding of “truth”.

For about 5,000 years, patriarchy and patriarchal religions have dominated the worldviews of most of humanity. The time to shift this balance is now, so that we can attain more holistic understandings of truth.

On Universal Truth:

We reach different levels of truth in stages. Each “stage” or chakra worldview is energized by a different energy, or different level of consciousness. Crown chakra awareness leads to a state of being in which we are one with wordless love, peace and bliss. Ultimately, we discover that Universal Truth resides within the most blissful, loving, peaceful and harmonious consciousness and in this Truth, we are One.

To learn more about Rev. Carol Richardson, M.Div., MPH, call 240-669-9592 or 269-365-8939 or visit HighestHighestHarmony.Guru or


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