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Letter From the Publisher

Apr 28, 2017 09:40AM
Dear Friends,

Even though the themes of our magazine are planned up to a year in advance, I think our national editors have brilliant intuition as they tap into the relevant issues to be presented in any given month. For example, the themes this month are natural childbirth and pregnancy as well as women rising.

I am confident that many of you joined me on the streets of Washington, D.C. and elsewhere throughout the world, for the Women’s March on January 21. It was clear to me that the power of women to rise to levels of leadership cannot be denied any longer. The energy on that cold morning was palpable and laden with hope. One of our feature pieces this month in Natural Awakenings, “Heart-Based Leadership: Women Mobilize to Heal the World” by Linda Sechrist, chronicles the amazing movement in our country, and in our world, by women. In boardrooms, operating rooms, Congressional committee meeting rooms, the feminine spirit is invading and permeating to change the paradigm around us.

I have taken advantage of this powerful message to share some words of wisdom from some amazing women in our midst. From Rev. Carol Richardson, you are invited to read excerpts from her new book, Truth and Illusion, that opens a full vision of exploring the world through the lens of the sacred feminine. With that, we have several articles that are shared to offer support for self-care, such as Angela Blueskies’ article on the Rite of the Womb, Susan Brady’s spotlight on managing (and overcoming) osteoporosis, a disease that affects millions of women, and Dr. Tracy Freeman’s practical steps to build a better you.

For women who are either pregnant or plan to become so in the near future, we have been able to pull together some amazing resources to guide you on the most amazing journey of your life. As a mother (and step-mother) who has been through it all, I understand that the preparation one can do in those early days of pregnancy through birth sets the foundation for your child’s life to come in so many ways.

To journey down that path in a holistic way, with support from a partner, friends and family is invaluable. When I was pregnant many years ago, I appreciated the books for Dr. Spock and Dr. T. Berry Brazelton and recalled that the base line that both relied on was the mother’s intuition for her child. While the science has come far in the past few decades, that message still rings true as women, with their partners, contemplate the best way to bring a new life into this world.

In addition to the feature article on natural motherhood, we have tapped some of the best practitioners in our area to guide expectant mothers to the help that they need. Dr. Melissa Windsor works her chiropractic goodness with women, before, during and after pregnancy, to help relieve many of the common unwanted side effects of pregnancy. Malika Hook Muhammad, known to so many with whom she has served through the birthing process as the DC Doula, is featured here, as well, along with a number of others. We invite you to check the special spotlights and the women’s directory offered this month.

Finally, I wanted to thank all of you who shared notes and calls about my announcement last month about placing the magazine on the market. While we don’t yet have the right person to carry it on, I am confident that there is someone out there—maybe even you!

Enjoy the May flowers and burst of life that comes with the spring!





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