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Providing Worry-Free, All-Natural House Cleaning in Northern Virginia

Spotlight on WellNest Home Cleaning

            WellNest Home Cleaning is an award-winning all-natural house cleaning service, in Northern Virginia. In late 2015, co-founders Phil Harper and his wife, Nicole, found out they were expecting a baby boy. As many parents do, they began researching what a pregnant mom should and shouldn't be exposed to and were shocked by all the warning labels on cleaning products. Additionally, most of the cleaning companies they looked into didn't perform background checks or have proper insurance. After extensive searching for a company that fit their needs, they realized that a health-conscious and trustworthy cleaning service designed for families did not exist. From that personal need, WellNest Home Cleaning was born.

            Their mission is simple: provide customers with a worry-free, stress-free method of maintaining a clean and healthy home. According to Phil, “We've designed the business and our service with busy parents in mind. As label readers and parents of a toddler, we use natural supplies comprised of plant-based soaps, vinegar, baking soda and essential oils. Our proprietary technology with fixed pricing gives our customers the ability to quickly get a price, book appointments, reschedule appointments and submit their credit card information –all online.”


It is not surprising that the majority of their clients are families with elementary-school-aged children and younger. Many are starting their families and some have as many as four children—but they have all tend to have crazy busy schedules. “Since we understand their needs, we work well together to give them a seamless, stress-free experience of maintaining a healthy home,” notes Phil.

As they are working in private homes, the Harpers are careful to have a rigorous employee vetting process, which gives their customers the trust that they are placing quality people in the customers’ homes. Each staff member undergoes a series of interviews, an identity check and a background check, in addition to training. To support their employees even more, WellNest relies on a milestone-based commission program for their team. This means that as the company grows, the cleaning crews receive additional compensation. Phil notes, “The days we hit our milestones make us extremely happy because it means the company is growing and that our entire team is involved in the growth.”

The new company is starting to be recognized for their excellent work by being named as one of the top new companies in the region which includes receiving the Sun-Gazette 2017 Best of Arlington: Best Maid Service nominee and was a semi-finalist in the 2017 greater Washington Chamber of Commerce Innovation Award, in the Hospitality, Tourism and Entertainment Category. As they build their reputation, they are finding great joy in their work. “We really enjoy the customer lifecycle of bringing on a new customer who experienced the same frustrations we did within the industry. Then after a couple of months of working together, we receive customer referrals from them. It's these relationships that we're passionate about.”

To learn more about WellNest Home Cleaning, call 1-800-791-2878 or visit

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