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Cymatherapy Sound Therapy Pain-Relief Study Offer

May 25, 2017 04:47PM
"In the beginning was the word," proclaims the Bible. References to sound vibration as the primordial expression from which all forms were created is also found in other ancient scriptures.

Today, quantum physics postulates that everything in the universe is vibrating at specific frequencies, including every cell in our bodies—even our thoughts and emotions. But our natural frequencies can become distorted by stress, toxins and negative emotions. When our physical and energetic bodies are not vibrating at their natural healthy frequencies, we can become imbalanced and ill.

Cymatics is the science of how sound vibration frequencies create forms in matter and nature. Cymatherapy is a sound therapy that helps "re-tune" imbalanced physical and energetic bodies back to their natural healthy frequencies.

Nicole (Nikki) Kastelanic, LMT, CCP, is an advanced certified Cymatherapy practitioner based in Herndon, who "re-tunes" her clients to their natural healthy frequencies with this cutting-edge therapy, resulting in reduced pain and stress, slowed aging and body and facial rejuvenation.

Kastelanic is also offering the opportunity to participate in a six-week Cymatherapy pain-relief study. One candidate will be chosen on July 1 to participate in the study for free. Simply contact her to determine if you are a good candidate for this study.

To learn more about Cymatherapy and Kastelanic's special discounted session packages, visit To schedule a free consultation or apply for the pain-relief study, call 703-870-7859 or email [email protected]


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