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Fear of Pain at the Dentist

May 25, 2017 12:54PM
by Terry Victor, DDS
One of the biggest fears people have concerning a visit to the dentist is the fear of pain. This can include the pain of getting an injection or pain after the dental procedure is completed.

Traditionally this has kept many people from visiting their dentist. Today in dentistry there have been many advancements in the type of anesthesia available, which can provide a patient the comfort of not feeling anything during a procedure. Actually, there should be no pain or discomfort throughout any dental procedure. If something is felt, either there was not enough anesthesia given or it was not well placed.

There are many solutions to decreasing pain in dentistry. If a patient is anxious about pain with the injection, a gel anesthesia can be placed on the gums so nothing is felt. If the concern is with pain after the dental procedure, there are many options available from pharmaceutical to homeopathic remedies. In holistic and biological dentistry, the philosophy is not to depend on pharmaceuticals but to use more natural remedies. For example, food or herbs with anti-inflammatory properties help to put the body in a position to decrease pain sensation. Another good alternative is homeopathic remedies, which are non-toxic, chemically free medications. They have been used throughout the world, not just to relieve pain but also to help relieve many other ailments.

Because there are many options available to avoid and decrease pain in dentistry, no one should be fearful of dental treatment. By using one of these methods, every patient can have a better, pain-free dental experience.

Dr. Terry Victor, The DC Dentist, provides holistic, biological and eco-friendly general restorative and cosmetic dentistry. His practice is located at 509 11th Street SE, on Capitol Hill. For more information, call 202-544-3626 or visit


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