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A Simple Daily Detox

May 25, 2017 12:29PM
by Laina Poulakos
What is does it mean to detox the body? The process is not complicated and involves making simple healthy changes to one’s daily routine which improve health. A detox is a clearing from the body substances such as metals, chemicals, environmental pollutants and artificial ingredients that can have a negative effect on health.

To begin a healthy detox simply, start by choosing the right foods, such as organic herbs, fruits and vegetables, particularly garlic, lemons and broccoli, while avoiding GMOs. Also, a healthy mind and body are a great way to help you detox. Exercise helps release toxins in the sweat through your skin. Meditation helps you to relax the mind and rid it of stress.

The air you breathe should also be fresh and clean so opening windows and adding plants to the home or office are a great way to refresh the air you breathe. Drinking plenty of water is an excellent way to detox and infusing it with cucumber, lemon and mint is both refreshing and beneficial to the body.

With all the toxins in our environment, we can all benefit with a simple daily detox.

Laina Poulakos is the founder of Mother’s Nature Store and a certified aromatherapist and herbologist. For a consultation and products, call 703-851-0087 or visit


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