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You Have All the Answers Within

May 25, 2017 12:25PM
by Karen Tasto
Most of us were taught from an early age that we must look outside of ourselves to know what we need for our health and wellness. Whether it’s going to our doctor for advice on weight-loss, to a trainer for help with an exercise regimen or to clergy for spiritual direction, we believe a middleman is required for answers. Seeking out professionals for help and support is certainly necessary and important. Just as vital is checking within ourselves for the answers we are seeking.

Accessing our inner wisdom and trusting it are not skills most of us are taught. We tend to dismiss any gut-sense or heart-knowing, telling ourselves that the “experts” know best or thinking that even our significant other knows better. Our bodies hold a wealth of wisdom and they are a source for reliable cues regarding what we need at any moment, if only we would pay attention. This simply requires us to take a pause from activity, feel within our bodies and listen. We can dial up and tune in at any time and receive.

If you hate your job, your body is probably sending pretty clear signals to get out. If you are running yourself at high-speed constantly, your body is, again, telling you in some way to slow down. Before you habitually go through your exercise routine, pause and ask your body what it really needs today… it just might surprise you.

With practice, you’ll get better at knowing what your body cues mean.

Karen Tasto is owner of Open Heart Healing, a reiki healer, women’s circle facilitator and experienced registered yoga teacher. For all upcoming events, visit




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