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Spotlight on FitGurl Pilates

FitGurl Pilates, LLC, was a vision that became a reality for owner, Kimberly Campbell. As a child, she was always dreaming of ways that she could move faster. This carried on through her college years, where she was a student athlete and worked part-time as a trainer for other athletes. Though it isn’t a recognized superpower, Campbell has an innate ability to understand how others learn and implement tools that help them perform better. This gift has proven to be fundamental as she works with so many people who are striving to meet their personal fitness and wellness goals.

After college, while working for the federal government, she faced her own health challenge, with a diagnosis of aggressive uterine fibroid tumors. There were six tumors in all, with the largest two weighing 12 and 15 pounds. The diagnosis came as she realized that the stress and pressure that she was putting upon herself were, in part, a cause for her medical condition.

As she worked her way through that period in her life, she equipped herself with the support of a personal trainer, knowing that a healthy body was better equipped to fight off disease and illness. That support was instrumental in helping her recover at record speed from the surgery and it helped her recognize that her understanding of “fitness” needed to change. Fitness was no longer about creating the perfect body shape and releasing weight but, as she notes, “it was necessary to create a space in my life to be kinder to my body—in deed and in thought.” This journey was the foundation for Campbell’s desire to launch her own business, FitGurl Pilates, now located in Clinton, Maryland, where she leads others on a journey to full health.

Campbell notes that while there is a myriad of different information out in the market, including opposing definitions of the word “fitness”, her guiding principle is that each of us is, as the Bible states, “fearfully and wonderfully made.” The mission of FitGurl Pilates is to provide a safe and fun space in which everyone is encouraged to make and meet their unique personal goals, while being kind to their bodies and to respect how each body presents itself in class. In addition to Pilates, yoga and meditation are also offered at FitGurl Pilates. Private and semi-private classes are available and one can register for classes online.

The encouragement and skill Campbell and her staff offer their clients is priceless. She notes, “I am the kind of Pilates teacher that transfers my energy, curiosity and excitement to my students…being so in tune with the needs of my students that I can teach each individual in the midst of a group.” And her clients agree.

Location: 7906 Old Branch Ave., Ste. 3, Clinton. For more information, call 301-686-8514, email [email protected] or visit

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