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New Ways of Creating Community at the Lovelight Festival

May 25, 2017 11:09AM
by Robin Fillmore
If the past is any indication of what is to come at this year’s Lovelight Yoga and Arts Festival, to be held August 18 to 20, in Darlington, Maryland, attendees will be helping to

shape a new community that is built on wisdom, sharing, art, profoundly touching music, as well as yoga. The idea for festival came from Michael Lang, the iconic producer of the Woodstock Festival, renowned world artist (and D.C. resident), Wynne Paris and co-producer, Kim Maddox. Together, they have woven together not just another festival, but an opportunity to build on the emerging consciousness that individual’s voices, when joined for the good of the planet and for the soul, can change the individual and the world. The location, just an hour north of Baltimore, makes it possible for all in the mid-Atlantic to easily attend.

The line-up for the festival includes more than 30 musicians, including many of the best-known names in the genre of world music: the Grammy-nominated kirtan master, Krishna Das and Trevor Hall, who is now taking the world by storm with his eclectic mix of acoustic rock, reggae and Sanskrit chanting. They will be joined by many other beloved and well-known artists and DJs throughout the weekend, including Paul Avgerinos, Living Light and David Newman. The full line-up can be viewed on the event website,

The festival will connect with roots sown during Woodstock, according to Lang, where yoga was an integral, but often overlooked part of the festival. Throughout the event, nationally known yoga teachers, including the festival headliner, yoga master Dharma Mittra, will be presenting opportunities to practice a variety of yoga traditions. Regional master teachers will lead those who are both new to the practice as well as those who have been fans since Woodstock, to experience life on the mat while learning new things about their bodies and their spirits.

Much of the festival will actually take place in Villages, each with a specific theme. In the Visionary Village, participants will engage in the conscious co-creation of a transformational community, built on the self-expression, empowered dialog, alternate economics, eco-activism and connection to our collective roots. By participating in consciously focused conversation and workshops with visionary teachers, shamans, organic farmers, activists, painters and flow artists, the festival will draw together, what Lang has called “a diverse community of people who are on parallel paths. We are looking to create an event that will serve everyone—to expand the ideas of the music and yoga communities to include concerns for the planet.”

In the Healing Village, ancient and modern healing and transformational techniques including massage, Vedic Thai bodywork, reiki, ayurveda and reflexology will provide opportunities for the nurturing of the body through deep relaxation and energy work. Families will have their own Children’s Village to enjoy the festival as a family event with expanded age-appropriate programming for all-ages. In addition to the pool, art projects and a magician, there will be yoga and meditation. In the Faerie Village, one will find the magical and fantastic realms of the imagination, and appreciation of the spirit of Earth. Children of all ages can play faerie dress-up and get in the festival spirit with face paint or glitter to shimmer like magic throughout the day.

The Lovelight Festival will be a profoundly transformational event for all. According to Lang, the goal of the event isn’t to produce another mega-festival but to co-create “an experience that will promote community and consciousness, as well as help people to realize that they can make their voices count. There seems to be a new burst of activism which is so critical to the survival of our planet.”

Location: Camp Ramblewood, 2564 Silver Rd, Darlington, MD. For more information or tickets, visit


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