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Yoga on a Chair? Weekend Course at Raj Yoga

May 25, 2017 08:30AM
This intensive course deals with yogic focus points specifically for the second half of life. Yoga50Plus: Kundalini Chair Yoga will be taught by Willem Wittstam, from Germany, at Raj Yoga the weekend of June 9 through 11, in Sterling. For those who complete the entire course, a certificate of participation is offered by the Kundalini Research Institute (Germany). The full course begins Friday at 6 p.m., running through the weekend. Those who wish for just a taste of the course may attend the Friday session.

Renowned international teacher, Wittstamm shares his unique and effective Kundalini-based chair yoga. On a physical level, there are several main aspects: strengthening the pelvic floor, uprighting the spine, expanding the lungs, as well as maintaining balance and coordination skills. This focus provides participants with a solid foundation so they are able to perceive the aging process as a benefit.

To age successfully, we have to recognize and let go of old patterns. Breathing and concentration techniques are extremely valuable instruments, specifically in dealing with the challenges and deliberations of the second half of life. The meditations taught will help, on a subtle level, to adjust our lives according to the changing challenges. The message of Yoga50Plus is that in the second half of life: the best is yet to come.

Yoga50Plus is aimed at yogis, who want to use the depth of Kundalini Yoga to understand their own aging process as a stage of maturation. It is also directed at yoga teachers who are considering teaching seniors or who are already leading their own 50plus classes.

Location: 22821 Silverbrook Center Dr., Ste. 160, Sterling. For more info, call 703-376-3433 or visit


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