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Detox at Natural Horizons in Fairfax

Detoxification is perhaps the most misunderstood and ignored area of health care today. We are constantly bombarded by the toxins in our environment, which are permeating our space at an increasing level. The air we breathe, the water we drink and the food we eat can contain toxins, which we take in and generally don’t feel the effects of until they begin to work negatively on our immune systems.

At the same time, as most of us are over 15 years of age—the time when our bodies could process out those toxins because of our activity levels--our bodies are no longer able to do so. Therefore, we must do things to assist the body, including: far-infrared sauna sessions; colon hydrotherapy or coffee enemas; kidney, liver gallbladder flushes; parasite cleanses; ionic foot baths; manual lymphatic drainage; exercise; a healthy diet containing cleansing foods; and, of course, drinking plenty of water.

Additionally, if the immune system is suppressed, detoxification is one of the first things that we should consider doing. Once we “clean up” our bodies, it is amazing at how the immune system springs back to life.

At Natural Horizons Wellness Centers, they focus on all aspects of health, mental, emotional and physical. For detoxification, their services include: colon hydrotherapy, far-Infrared sauna, lymphatic drainage, ion detox footbath and chelation of heavy metals. Under the care of Teresa Owens, a certified colon hydro therapist, and Peter Shin, a licensed massage therapist and certified lymphedema therapist and the rest of the caring staff at Natural Horizons, patients from throughout northern Virginia receive the support and attention needed to return to full and vibrant health.

Location: 11230 Waples Mill Rd., Ste. 125, Fairfax. For more information or to make an appointment, call 1-877-292-1571 or visit

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