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Letter From The Publisher

Jun 28, 2017 10:57AM
Happy summer, dear friends,

July is always a great time for so many of us in the greater Washington, D.C. area. The traffic seems to be letting up just a little bit, the craziness of the end of school and graduations is over, vacation is on the horizon and the pools are open. Plus, fresh sweet corn and homegrown tomatoes are starting to appear at the farmers’ markets, appearing on dinner tables everywhere. You know the old saying, there’s only two things that money can’t buy—true love and homegrown tomatoes. I couldn’t agree more.

With this bounty before us, plus the ensuing picnics and barbecues, it may be easy to fall off the wagon when making good choices about what we put into our bodies. Likewise, we may start to neglect our physical environment, leaving us exposed to the toxins that are now part of our modern world.

Our theme this month is natural detox. As I asked doctors and practitioners who make detoxing a central part of their work about contributing on this theme—I was abundantly blessed with a multitude of great works with the latest thinking on the subject. Not only is there insightful, evidence-based commentary on the causes for harmful toxins in the human body, there are helpful prescriptions, many of which can be incorporated simply into our daily routines.

With the help of naturopathic doctors, Isabel Sharkar, of Indigo Integrative Health, and Ryan Kneessi, a faculty member at Maryland University for Integrative Health, we learn the basic principles of the body and why it is difficult to achieve good health in our modern society when we are not mindful to incorporate detoxifying practices into our routines. Integrative nutritionist Elizabeth McMillan, of Rose Wellness in Reston, provides some proactive steps, and wonderful smoothie suggestions, to keep the body in a detoxed state. Julianne O’Dwyer and Darryl Yeagley give practice step-by-step instructions to detox, both at home and with the help of a professional, while a lengthy list of detox modalities provided at National Integrated Health Associates and Natural Horizons Wellness Center are also explored in this issue.

A special spotlight is shown on an amazing technique, manual lymphatic drainage, to detox particular areas of the skin and help recover from a serious injury or surgery. If you look at the photos presented by practitioner Gay Lee Gulbrandson, I am certain that you will be equally amazed to see the healing power of this special type of massage on healing the body.

Finally, we are using this issue to introduce you to an amazing and beautiful woman and teacher in our area, Lashone Wilson, who is an integrative health and wellness coach and the executive director of One Breath at a Time, Mindful Living and Wellness Service. Wilson also graces our cover this month. She is becoming known for her work with the District school system to bring a mindful living curriculum to students and teachers, and for her women and children empowerment and wellness forums, which target underserved populations, exposing them to valuable health information that they may not otherwise have access to.

So along with the bounty of the season, we have a bounty of cutting-edge articles and introductions to people and practices that can bring balance and health to our life. But then, we are just doing our job for you, dear friends. Have a wonderful July!





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