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Detox and Dental Health

Jun 28, 2017 10:49AM
By Dr. Terry Victor
Detoxification is a process where the body is cleared of any toxicity that would cause harm or any material that is not a benefit to the body. There are many aspects to detoxification of the body and it can occur in many different ways. It could be as simple as drinking more water or as complex as chelation therapy to remove heavy metals. In dentistry, one way that body detoxification can take place is to get out of the body any disease process in the tooth. Often when one thinks of detoxification of the body, the mouth and teeth are not considered.

Biological dentists understand that the mouth is connected to the body and can have a significant impact. So, if there are cavities present in your mouth, that is a breaking down of tissue in your mouth. Teeth are flesh--they are living and breathing just like any other part of your body. If they are decomposing, that should be addressed.

While discussing detoxification of the body, another aspect of dentistry that must be taken into account is gum disease or an infection in the gums. This type of infection does not just stay in the mouth but travels throughout the body. This is why there is a relationship between gum disease and heart disease.

Both of these examples, cavities and gum disease, require detoxification so the body can get rid of something toxic so that health and well-being can be received. For a cavity, this work is simply done by the dentist cleaning out the cavity and placing a filling. For gum disease, this is also done by a dentist cleaning out the infection and getting the tissue healthy. When these steps are completed, the body can return to a healthy state.

The process of detoxification, in the body as well as the mouth, is an important practice for overall health. We function best when we are free of toxicity as this allows the body to be the best it could be—and allows us to feel our best.

Dr. Terry Victor, The DC Dentist, provides holistic, biological and eco-friendly general restorative and cosmetic dentistry. His practice is located at 509 11th St., SE, on Capitol Hill. For more information, call 202-544-3626 or visit



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