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Spotlight on LaShone Wilson and One Breath at a Time

LaShone Wilson is an integrative health and wellness coach and the executive director of One Breath at a Time, Mindful Living and Wellness Services, based in Washington, D.C. One Breath at a Time is a rapidly growing company with the mission to empower others through health and wellness coaching, mind-body connection, mindfulness and yoga therapy. The company focuses on full-body wellness, beyond the treatment and elimination of disease. Individual and group services are tailored to empower and support the client toward the desired transformation. Particular focus is placed on self-awareness, reframing, self-regulation, pain relief and paradigm shifts.

The company integrates the principles of healing presence, co-active coaching, yoga, mindfulness, emotional intelligence and breath-work into every client interaction. Curriculums are developed based on an agreed partnership and the clients’ particular needs. Clients are fully supported as they go through the discovery and awareness process. They are encouraged to take responsibility for their lives and make choices that align with their goals. One Breath at a Time assumes strength and capability instead of weakness and dependency from the client. This approach supports the client in assuming responsibility for the experience and empowers the client to take actions changing the experience, when desired.

Wilson embodies a healing presence and is certified to teach children's yoga—including those with unique needs such as autism and ADHD. She is certified to teach Bikram Hot Yoga and other hatha yoga styles and is trained in fertility yoga, yoga therapy, Pilates, hot barre, Aromatouch Therapy, Emotional Intelligence and reiki level I. She is currently pursuing her master's degree in Integrative Health and Wellness Coaching from the Maryland University of Integrative Health.

Wilson has been practicing and teaching yoga and mindfulness for 13 years. She continues to break down barriers by collaborating with hospitals, therapeutic programs, schools and nonprofit organizations teaching mindful living and wellness. Her selfless efforts were honored in 2015 when she was awarded the NAACP Hometown Champion Award.

Her company, One Breath at a Time, Mindful Living and Wellness Services currently teaches yoga and mindful living to more 200 children per week in the District public school system. The company has partnered with Children’s National Medical Center to conduct stress management interventions as well as individualized yoga to reduce fatigue in hospitalized children receiving intensive chemotherapy.

The company partners with Shady Grove Medical Center teaching yoga therapy and mindfulness to adults who have had cancer and has been recommended to participate in mindful movement, stress reduction, pain and fatigue management and an overall wellness plan. Additionally, the company partners with early learning centers, yoga studios, health and fitness centers, churches and mental health therapists throughout the region, teaching the significance of full body health and mindful ways to attain it.

Although curriculums are specialized, yoga therapy or yogic principles are usually interwoven into each curriculum. Yoga therapy supports clients in reducing stress, fatigue and pain management. Clients learn how to understand pain as a mind-body experience and then uses yoga healing practices like breathing and gentle yoga poses for relief. Once pain is reduced and or eliminated, clients are better able to address other barriers that prevent them from moving toward desired states.

The company is community focused and fully committed to teaching health and wellness to under-resourced communities or communities who are less likely to have access to holistic health and wellness. It hosts a free Women’s Empowerment and Wellness Forum yearly for women and children, as well as other health and wellness educational forums. It partners with nonprofit organizations that support women getting back into the workforce and transitioning back into society as productive citizens.

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