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Spotlight on Sarah Shakeri and Happy Heart Health

Happy Heart Health is a coaching service, founded by Sarah Shakeri, that guides individuals to optimal health and well-being. Through goal setting, sustainable lifestyle and nutritional changes in a supportive environment, clients achieve tremendous results. It starts with a willingness to imagine having more energy, feeling better in one’s body, improving fitness, greater productivity and a happier, healthier life.

Happy Heart Health fills a unique place in healthcare. Shakeri believes that while nutrition is one of the most fundamental components of good health, optimal nourishment encompasses more than food alone. She emphasizes a well-rounded approach to health and develops personalized action plans to meet the needs of each individual. “I advocate living a balanced life which includes quality sleep, effective exercise, enjoyable hobbies, healthy relationships, a fulfilling career and so much more. I strive to empower people to take pride in caring for their bodies, so that it becomes more of a lifestyle and less of a chore. What I offer is not a quick fix or a purely aesthetic focus, it's about reaping the rewards of feeling and living your best,” notes Shakeri.

Shakeri’s own health challenges inspired her journey to become a health coach. She suffered from multiple ailments that interfered with her functioning and happiness from a young age and from those experiences, understood the pain of inadequate physical and mental health. She experienced firsthand the hurdles that many individuals face in their efforts to live happier and healthier. As she overcame her own challenges, Shakeri was inspired to teach people that improving one’s health from the inside out is joyful, energizing and simpler than many realize. It all starts with a conscious commitment.

Shakeri works with women of all ages, including young women in their teens to seniors into their eighties. The common thread between these women is that they seek improved energy, fat loss, to prioritize their health and become more fit. Many come out of frustration, having tried many things to improve their health without experiencing significant or lasting results. By the time they come to Shakeri, they realize that understanding balanced nutrition is the missing piece and they need support and education to reach their goals.

Happy Heart Health Coaching is a joyful vocation for Shakeri. She notes, “It makes my day when I witness clients understanding the concepts I discuss with them, progressing from their starting point, and putting my teachings into action. They begin to develop intuition with their bodies outside of our sessions. It proves that they are developing better relationships with themselves. I love when they get excited about their results and tune into how food or other circumstances affect how they feel.”

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