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Letter From the Publisher

Aug 30, 2017 10:41AM
Dear Friends,

We have two great themes this month—anti-aging and yoga. It is coincidental that the anti-aging issue is being produced on my birthday, and brings this theme into greater perspective for me, personally. Although we are aging every day, it is our birthdays that mark the passage of time and lead us to look a bit more closely in the mirror to scrutinize our “smile lines”.

This year I was greatly blessed with precious time with family, friends and a walk down memory lane. Each year I have the opportunity to pull out my clarinet and march with our alumni band—the pride of Cuyahoga Falls High School Black Tigers. I’ve heard that it is the largest active alumni marching band association in the country with a board of directors and thousands of members.

In the show this year, I had no problems marching to keep up with the recent grads (and we move very fast with our unique swing style), although my clarinet skills are a bit lacking after not picking up the horn for 15-plus years. Just to be back in a place, along with those who were as enriched and inspired as me, was magical.

In a quick conversation of a friend from way-back in elementary school, we noted how formative the years in the band were. From my spot on the 50-yard-line, I recalled what I learned—discipline, honor, camaraderie—and see the impact that those relationships had on my life. The memories are sweet and profound, and I was blessed with a chance to reflect on where I came from and where I am going in the year to come.

It also inspires me to find the ways to stay as healthy and young-at-heart as I possibly can I mark off another year on the calendar. We have several excellent articles this month that share some of the secrets to keep away the scary thoughts of aging. Nutritionist Elizabeth McMillan, of Rose Wellness in Oakton, Virginia, looks to the foods that will help us stay young and Dr. Isabel Sharkar of Indigo Integrative Health Clinic, in Georgetown, suggests lifestyle choices that put a new spin on anti-aging. Dr. Margarita Kullick, from NIHA in D.C., looks at the anti-aging process from a holistic, integrative approach. From these three local experts, I learned a lot and hope you will, too.

September is National Yoga Month and we try to keep spreading the word about wonderful yoga opportunities in the greater D.C. area. The wonderful thing about yoga is that there is something for everyone—all ages, all skill levels—anyone with the desire to use their body in ways that will encourage strength and flexibility while deepening an inner life (and savoring the benefits of a form of mindful practice) can find a good fit. The health benefits of yoga are tremendous. Local osteoporosis specialist and physical therapist Susan Brady writes of the health benefits of this ancient practice on aging bones. We also take the time again this month to highlight some of the superb yoga studios in our region.

If you haven’t tried yoga and seek a healthier lifestyle, I encourage you to make a personal goal this month to try it out. I have never met a person who started a yoga practice and was disappointed. Our September issue is a good place to be inspired—and we hope you will!





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