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Garden Dreams Come True with Prior Unity Garden’s Foundations of Organic Gardening

Aug 30, 2017 10:08AM
Many folks are joining the organic home garden revolution. Newbies look for reliable information while others want their garden to be more fruitful. You can achieve your organic gardening goals and dreams with The Foundations of Organic Gardening, an interactive, six-session course spread over seven months, beginning September 30th.

            Foundations’ topics include garden design and layout, building soil, seeds, critters, companion planting, herbs, four seasons, biodynamics and more. The course also focuses on permaculture, ecological design and sustainable water practices. Each session consists of multimedia instruction, demonstrations, a hands-on workshop, with time for questions throughout.

The course is timed so students can take their knowledge and immediately apply it to their own garden plan, and are ready to plant when spring comes. The course is a download of everything two local, seasoned professional gardeners know about gardening. Your instructors love helping to grow gardeners. Students are given all materials required, including a binder of over 100 pages of handouts and worksheets.

Student testimonials run from “a wow of information and fun too” to “you won’t find a better course” as well as, “There is nothing out there like this, it’s exactly what I was looking for.” The kudos keep coming with statements such as “well organized from beginning to end,” “blown away by the binder,” “imparted knowledge in a comfortable and fun way” and “something you can’t get from reading a book.”

An added benefit of Prior Unity Garden’s courses is the sense of community they foster, including reunions with past students. You can be a successful and savvy gardener.

To contact Prior Unity Garden or sign up for their Foundations of Organic Gardening Course call 703-281-7743 or visit


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