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Personal Growth Challenge: A Game of Self-Discovery

Developed by an Area Coach and Entrepreneur

by Robin Fillmore
Local entrepreneur and personal coach, Alexis Sullivan, has come up with an idea that may revolutionize the way that anyone can get on a journey to understand themselves a bit better. She has developed the “Personal Growth Challenge ~ A Game of Self-Discovery.” Players and seekers are invited into either a 10-day or 30-day version that is designed to provide a self-directed journey of exploration of themselves. Through daily challenges and self-inquiry, players will be on a new path while learning about themselves. Sullivan notes that, “Instead of a journey to faraway places to find yourself, you become your best self by seeing yourself through a new lens.”

The idea for the game came to Sullivan from her experiences as a coach and as a worldwide traveler. “As a coach, I work directly with people to quiet the outside world and to create the space where they can hear their own inner voice and make intentional choices to live a life that is more aligned with their purpose.,” offers Sullivan. As a life-long traveler, no matter where she goes, she finds that the path to being her own best self comes from within. Her goal is to help even more people experience positive change in their life and developing the game was one way to accomplish that goal. It empowers the individual to make positive steps as it guides them on a journey of transformation and personal growth on their own.

Sullivan, a personal and professional coach, has worked throughout her career with people facing change in their life—either change that is happening to them or change that they are seeking to create. Her mission is to help people make intentional choices to direct that change in a purposeful direction. With more than 25 years of leadership experience managing change, she knows how to bring out the best in people to help them live the life they know is possible. She decided to put that wisdom to work on a broader scale, and thus, the Personal Growth Challenge game was inspired and created.

She notes that the game is appropriate for anyone who believes that positive change can happen, one day at a time and one step at a time. Sullivan notes, “We all have it in us—the ability to make a positive difference in our own life and in the lives of others. Life’s greatest journey is the journey of self-discovery and this game will take them on that journey.”

For more information about Alexis Sullivan, the game or to purchase it, visit or

June 2020




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