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Letter From the Publisher

Oct 01, 2017 12:57AM
Dear Friends,

As I write this to you, the great cleanup has just begun in Florida, the Caribbean and other parts of the South in the aftermath of Hurricane Irma, and is in full swing in Texas and Louisiana after the devastating impact of Harvey. My personal Facebook feed is full of notes sharing the “I’m safe” check-in and, in some cases, tales of hearty souls preparing teams from the North to make the trek to be with our Southern neighbors—to muck out homes filled with mud and help to rebuild the life (and the dwelling) that was known before these devastating storms.

Hurricane Irma deeply impacted our Natural Awakenings family, with our national office based in Naples, Florida. Fortunately, the current word from the office is that there was little damage but the electricity is still out. Most importantly, the staff and those publishers in Florida (and across the South) are all safe.

Natural Awakenings’ founder, Sharon Bruckman, attempted to evacuate Florida to her family in Michigan but was unable to get a flight there. So instead, she jumped on the first flight she could and ended up in California. Having felt the need for a retreat for a while, she took this opportunity to go to Mount Shasta for some needed time. As she was there, she offered a wonderful insight to the publishers—and these words helped me to visualize the storm in a different way. She wrote:

I have been tuning into Irma as the living energy force she is and acknowledging her for doing her job to try to take care of Mother Earth by cooling the warm ocean waters and cleansing the land we’ve been harming. I’m asking how myself and Natural Awakenings can assist more in waking up humanity to the environmental destruction we continue to do and the intense thought patterns of negativity and polarity occurring around the world. May you and everyone be safe and protected and open to the possibility of truly creating the kind of heaven on Earth we all know is possible. This is our divine blueprint and together we can create the kind of world that works for all living things.

This great churning comes at a time when so many feel unsettled and perhaps a bit out of control. There are forces in our world, including climate change, our divisive political realm and the threat of more storms, that can (and do) shake us to the core.

So, what is our response to this? With the words of Sharon ringing in my brain, I suggest that we can acknowledge the great forces which enfold us while we continue to open our hearts to embracing those in our tight circles, giving us the power to expand our arms wide to the rest of humanity. There is much we can do to carry the light for those who need our hope and strength. I hope that our humble publication helps in that effort—to equip and empower each of you to bring about a new awakening.

Our themes this month offer fresh perspectives on transformational travel, which does so much for the renewal of one’s soul. We also provide a fresh look at chiropractic, an often overlooked option for many health challenges and chronic pain. Chiropractic is a well-regarded choice for many people—plus we have some terrific practitioners in our local area. I hope our articles by Drs. Allan Tomson, at Neck, Back and Beyond, and Coy Roskosky, of National Integrated Health Associates, inspire you to try chiropractic care.

In this season of the great churning, I wish you peace and strength for the days and weeks ahead.





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