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The Benefits of Health Coaching

Oct 01, 2017 12:51AM
by Sarah Shakeri
             As more and more people find that they can turn to health professionals in addition to doctors to help them navigate a path to wellness, health coaching has become an important part of this journey. The physical benefits of health coaching include shedding body fat, optimizing metabolism, detoxifying, improving digestion and feeling energized. In addition, clients gain confidence. They learn to take pride in prioritizing themselves, developing supportive habits rather than restrictive discipline. A health coach can empower their clients to take charge of their health. They become well-practiced at making choices that serve their well-being and happiness and this shows up profoundly in other areas of their lives.

A good candidate for a health coaching program is someone committed and eager to create a life they love. The key to unlocking joy in our lives lies in caring for our bodies and minds with an attitude of self-love. Skilled coaches work with people who are ready to let go of excuses and take initiative toward their goals.

It is also important to remember that a single coaching session does not get a client very far. There is so much to learn and implement. Building lasting, sustainable results requires gradual changes over time. It may be necessary to work together for six months to one year, depending on the client's goals and starting point. Yet, many clients see results right from the start and continue building to their ultimate outcome.

A holistic approach to caring for our health is essential. Otherwise, we end up changing one external thing or another, only to end up where we started. There is no one simple answer or magic pill. Our vitality is dependent on many factors that function together as a whole. A skilled health coach is a proponent of building a healthy, fulfilling lifestyle. True transformation comes from within, healing from the heart and nurturing the mind.

Sarah Shakeri is a certified health coach and is offering a 12-week, online nutrition education, mindset training and goal setting program called Nutrition Reset. In addition to coaching, clients gain access to a support community to share their transformation, which motivates them to keep moving forward. To learn more or to book a complimentary Transformation Session with her, visit By mentioning this article, you will receive $100 off her Nutrition Reset program.


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