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Sci-Fi is Now Sci-Fact

Oct 30, 2017 11:31PM
by gLou Stevens
Did you know that human cells need to be recharged just like batteries and that our bodies produce enough electricity to power a small generator? Movies like Stargate and The Matrix introduced us to some amazing facts about the human cell.

In Stargate, the aliens possessed an Egyptian sarcophagus that enabled them to regenerate their bodies when they were severely damaged or near death. In The Matrix, Morpheus explained how the machines were using humans as “living batteries” to keep their systems operational. Both movies introduced two amazing features about our cells: they can be regenerated and they’re microscopic living batteries. We’re composed of 1 trillion microscopic living batteries (cells) that can be regenerated when damaged.

We all know that cells require food, water and oxygen to stay alive and operate properly. Like any battery, especially rechargeable ones, our cells require continuous recharging. As we age, our cells begin to lose their ability to effectively recharge. But how do our cells recharge without our having to plug into an electrical outlet? The answer is the earth’s invisible electromagnetic field (EMF).

The Earth produces an electromagnetic field (EMF) that does more than just protect the earth from cosmic rays and other harmful forms of energy emanating from space. The Earth’s EMF keeps us and every organic thing on this planet alive. The faint EMF field helps to keep the energy level within our cells charged up. This is a continuous process throughout our lives. Yet, when our cells are no longer able to produce this natural electrical energy, they die.

For more than 100 years, scientist studied the earth’s EM field and were able to reproduce the Field, which is known today as PEMF (pulsed electromagnetic fields) technology. Nikola Tesla is just one of many scientists to introduce PEMF technology before its relevance to human existence was understood.

Today, PEMF equipment is being used by select healthcare professions to boost the body’s natural healing process. Cellular regeneration is no longer just a part of the plot in science-fiction movies. Cellular regeneration is here and available to anyone seeking to keep their cellular batteries charged and operational.

gLou Stevens is a certified PEMF health technician with Optimum Health & Wellness, based in the greater Washington, D.C. area. To learn more about PEMF technology, visit


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