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Simple Steps to Diabetes Prevention

Oct 30, 2017 10:52PM
by Dr. Allan Tomson
It is well-known that diabetes is a disease that can devastating as we age. In the U.S., approximately one in four Americans now have either diabetes or pre-diabetes. It is estimated that diabetes cases have increased more than 700 percent in the last 50 years. Another staggering statistic—25 percent of those 65 and older have some form of diabetes. So how do we stop the trend?

Type-2 diabetes is completely preventable and almost 100 percent reversible. By implementing simple, inexpensive lifestyle changes, one of the most important of which is eliminating sugar and grains from your diet, individuals can avoid the long-term dangers of this chronic disease.

An example of what one might consider a wise, healthy choice is unsweetened Whole Grain Cheerios, combined with fat-free milk. This particular meal contains 24 grams of carbs and 3 grams of fiber. In a test, this raised blood sugar to just shy of 200. The optimal number is less than 140. From this example you can see that grains, even unsweetened ones, can raise sugar levels in the blood to unhealthy levels. Additionally, it is vital to avoid high fructose corn syrup, hidden in many foods.

The way to prevent and/or reverse an existing condition is through diet and exercise. Drugs are not capable of doing this. You have to supply the body with the nutrition it needs. Many diabetes sufferers are deficient in micronutrients, specifically vitamins and minerals. There are now lab tests that measure this. A diet very low in carbohydrates and higher in the “good fats” (omega-3 fatty acids) is what your body thrives on. A plant-based diet with vitamin supplementation is a great choice.

Exercises in the form of yoga, stretching and aerobics, and interval training helps quiet insulin overproduction, decrease hunger and create significant health benefits.

Dr. Allan Tomson is a holistic health practitioner with over 30 years in practice. He works with acute and chronic health problems using structural balance, nutritional and other lifestyle interventions at Neck, Back & Beyond, 10195 Main St. Ste. D, Fairfax. For more information, call 703-865-5690 or visit



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