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Making Positive Personal Change with Trainer John Mays

by Samantha Hudgins
Middle age can be the best time in a person’s life cycle. As many aspects of life evolve, people in this age group have the opportunity to recreate their lives as they become empty nesters. Some things just get better with time, according to John Mays, certified hypnotherapist, behavior specialist and owner of Fitness Together in Chantilly.

Behavioral change can be a difficult task for this particular cohort of adults. This applies to men and women. The first step in reaching any goal is to consciously think and believe it.

This is especially true of physical fitness and inner well-being after a serious illness, divorce or death of a major loved one. Major life events make us rethink our current trajectory in life and contemplate making inner changes as we embark on middle age. But this can be a very beautiful situation, to be able to refocus and renew our core beliefs and core motivations as we prepare for the second half of our lives.

Where most people associate getting in shape or changing other habits, we realize that at middle age our habits have been deeply engrained into our minds. For individuals over 40, we realize that fitness is way more complicated than it was when we were 20. Mays teaches clients that “success comes from the conscious alignment of the mind, body and soul.”

When a new client comes to Fitness Together, they are given a thorough assessment which is the first step to setting up a personalized plan that sets attainable short- and long-term wellness goals. Mays notes that a workout is different from exercise because it is more specific to a goal. Long-term goals are designed to build upon themselves, as wellness and fitness are part of a life-long process.

Since long-term behavioral change often requires a change of behavior, hypnotherapy and neuro-linguistic programming—a process similar to hypnotherapy, can be incorporated. These focus on maximizing habits that are beneficial to human excellence and how an individual’s brain works and are offered to align a client’s mind with their goals, if necessary.

For fitness related goals, traditional methods of modifying routines include 45-minute workouts that can fit easily into busy schedules two to three days a week, as well as rotating workouts and trainers so workouts don’t become stale.

The studio is laid out for maximum comfort of mature clients. Workouts take place in separate rooms with varying equipment. In fact, the privacy and calm, much different from a typical gym, was a contributing factor for Mays’ decision to open Fitness Together Chantilly.

Once a client has reached their fitness goal, Mays insists it is not time for them to maintain but rather set the next level of goals for their evolving lives. Mays is no stranger to creating and attaining goals himself. He has earned advanced degrees in psychology, education and special education/behavioral modification and certifications in personal training, spiritual life coaching, hypnotherapy and neuro-linguistic programming. He was also a top-10 nationally ranked drug-free power lifter from 2009-2013.

Mays often finds himself working with middle-aged clients, as this is the turning point for fitness and changes in perspectives in life.

Fitness Together Chantilly currently consists of three personal trainers, who work together to fulfill Mays’s mission: “to help an individual align energies to get on the path to progress and remain on the path through each stage of the life journey.”

Fitness Together Chantilly is located at 14014 Sullyfield Circle, Ste. E, Chantilly, VA. For more information, call 571-277-1292 or visit or This is an appointment-only business. 

Samantha Hudgins is a writing enthusiast and outreach director for Natural Awakenings.

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