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Choose to Do the Holidays Differently

by Karen Tasto
What if there was a different way to approach the holidays this year—a way that left you with more energy, not less? Imagine how it would feel, come January 2nd, to not feel so drained from giving away too much of yourself all of December.

It is easy to get caught up in the collective pressured energy that this time of year brings—the shopping-till-you-drop, the over-scheduling and over-indulging. All this, while nature is calling us in this season of darkness and hibernation to drop inward, to slow down, to receive so that we build our reserves for the coming seasons of new birth and growth.

Culture pushes us to do more and be more “on”, while our inner body rhythms are signaling to do the exact opposite, to do less, to reflect and replenish. We can feel like a fish swimming upstream. But there is a different way and if you take baby steps this season it can have big payoffs come spring, like a plant acquiring enough energy to burst forth through the compacted ground once light and warmth returns. By choosing one less activity or spending some time each day in silence, we can begin to glide through the holidays, vital energy intact.

Over the years, many people have learned to slowly pare down on activities, now choosing only those that bring more connection and sacredness into their life, letting the rest slip away. With intention and support, anyone can make this change too, in small steps.

Karen Tasto leads sacred circles, workshops and retreats and offers private healing. For her upcoming events, including the Women’s Winter Retreat in Sacred Circle on January 13, in Ashton, Maryland visit

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